Review of the Nova 7s Slot Machine

A nova is the scientific term for a white dwarf’s catastrophic nuclear explosion. To some, the very thought of a white dwarf would make that amusing. You’ll have to learn even more space lingo to figure out what it is, though; this isn’t it. The most important fact is that a nova makes a star shine more brightly than usual. It’s the outcome of a runaway fusion process initiated by the rapid fusion of the accumulated hydrogen on the star’s surface. To be honest, that’s a lot of jargon to throw into a slot game’s premise. Nonetheless, thankfully, this isn’t heavily incorporated. Instead, it introduces a game that makes space itself the main attraction. This means you can go to the stars without ever leaving your living room.

Asteroids, Stars, and Planets, Oh My!

The game follows a very basic template in terms of its layout and mechanics. The game’s symbols appear on a screen that has five reels and three rows. There is, of course, a general space feel about these. Six of these less valuable icons already exist. A planet in amber joins the other five atom-like symbols in blue, purple, green, yellow, and orange. Three additional icons with increased payouts are also viewable. These are depicted as a green planet, a crater-filled blue world, and a ringed red planet.

The game’s creator, RTG, also incorporated 25 distinct wagering options. However, you can alter these. You have two options for making changes to them. The first is to use the arrows that appear above and below the ‘Lines’ text box. The second option is to use the ’25 Line Play’ button located to the left of the reels. You can change your wager at any time. The arrow buttons next to the ‘Bet’ box allow you to make these adjustments. You can bet as little as 0.25 pounds and as much as 125 pounds. In addition, the game’s rotational velocity is adjustable. There are three velocities to choose from.

Outer Space Expertise

It’s to be expected that a game of this type would include a wide variety of extras. The Nova 7s is a perfect example of this. The game’s unique wild symbol is the first step in this process. The red seven is the wild symbol, and it can be substituted for any other symbol. The scatter symbol is the sole deviant from this norm. When these images appear, it might be a solar flare, nova, supernova, or hypernova. We’ll talk about those advantages shortly.

The blue seven is the scatter symbol, to begin with. Scatter symbols generate wins regardless of their position on the reels. They increase your wager by a certain factor. A total of five of them would result in a multiplier of 7.7x.

Now, getting back to the idea of solar flares, this phenomenon is triggered by the appearance of the red 7s. These have the potential to grow to fill the entire reel if they appear on reels 2 and 4. It’s easy to see how this could open the door to further prize opportunities. This isn’t necessarily going to occur. That’s not a guarantee, though.

In terms of nova and supernova additions, these are a nice touch. Any win that includes the red 7 symbol on reel 3 may result in a sevenfold multiplier. Also, this may happen after a nova, which is another name for a supernova. This not only increases the payout, but it also causes the wild to expand and span an additional reel.

When the first red 7 appears on reel two, it could be a sign of a hypernova. Because of the hypernova, it has spread to reel one as well. If a red seven appears on reel four, it will also extend to cover reel five.

Finally, the game offers four optional extras at no extra cost. In a typical game, this occurs when three or more scatters appear in a line from left to right. The “Nova 7 Feature,” “Supernova 7 Feature,” “Hypernova 7 Feature,” or “Hypernova Extreme” will be revealed when you touch a scatter that sets off the reveal.

Closing Statement

The name “Nova 7s” might not give the impression that the game is particularly impressive. However, after it’s loaded, you’ll be treated to some stunning visuals. Along with this, you can choose from a variety of focuses that will keep you entertained during the game. So long, and thanks for reading this newest installment of our slot machine reviews!

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